Revolutionary New Aesthetic Technology Proven for Safety, Comfort and Effectiveness

The revolutionary new elos (electro-optical synergy) technology, now offered locally in Calgary by Orchid Oasis Inc. is the safest, most effective and comfortable solution to hair removal and photo/skin rejuvenation.

The elos technology is a breakthrough in cosmetic lasers as it is the first to use a unique combination of Radio Frequency and Light to treat a wide array of skin conditions. With elos, we can isolate the treatment area and leave the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects.

Laser Hair Removal

With elos, it is the only technology that is able to remove all colours of hair (including white and grey) from all skin types including tanned skin.

Unwanted hair – this is a cosmetic condition that increasing numbers of women and men are seeking to alleviate – often spending large amounts of money and enduring painful procedures, with mixed results. Using gentle pulses of two targeted energies means better results with lower overall energy output – assuring the highest level of safety and comfort. This is the ultimate solution to shaving, waxing, plucking and electrolysis.

Photo/Skin Rejuvenation

elos has been proven to deliver superior results, and marks a major leap forward in the technology of aesthetic devices.

elos treats superficial and benign vascular and pigmented lesions including; sun damage and age, red and brown spots, spider veins and large pores. Highly selective light energies are absorbed by the hemoglobin and pigmented lesions, but not significantly absorbed by the normal dermis. Electrical energies selectively heat blood vessels — while minimizing effect on pigmented structure.

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