2024 Spring Detox Promotion

2024 Spring Detox Promotion

Follow Nature to take care of your body

Spring is the season that after the body has stored essence during the long winter, now becomes the time to generate the new for your body. 

The Yang/Warm energy rises up with the Sun coming back to the Northern hemisphere. It is the time to strengthen the liver’s function to detox, increase the metabolism for the body, get rid of the extra body fat, and be ready for the start of a new year. 

Now we offer our Spring Detox Program:

5 treatments of acupuncture focusing on regulating the liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach meridians, activating and unblocking, while tonify the weak organs of the digestive system. We will provide demonstrations and instructions for self-care acupuncture points kneading, physical exercise options, lifestyle habits change, as well as diet suggestions. This program will help clients to create better living habits during the 6 weeks program.

* Ginger + Red dates tea is recommended for daily use to build up a better digestion system. Clients need to get fresh ginger, while the clinic will provide the red dates for free. 

* Extra charge: Essential Oils for self-care acupuncture points on the foot and at the liver and gallbladder’s region to strengthen the function of the liver.

* Extra charge: Chinese herbal formula will be recommended and available for individuals for 10% off for signing up for this Spring Detox program.

* Clinic will provide the body fat scale and the client needs to download the app to record their body weight, BMI, Body fat, subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, body water, protein, metabolic age, circumference of hip, waist, thighs, biceps, chest. Clinic will provide the data record sheet for client’s reference. 

* Extra charge: Supplements solution will be provided if needed. 

Diet suggestion 

Main meal-lunch, balanced meal with rainbow colored food, ensure to have enough green leaf and yellow-orange vegetables for spring season, good source of protein, enough warm water (sip and slow drink) and enough time to rest after meal (gently pushing the belly downwards). 

Dinner- same principle as lunch, but cut half of the normal amount, no more food and snacks after 7pm.

Avoid greasy, salty snacks and food, over sweetened snacks and food.

Avoid milk and dairy products.

Avoid alcohol.

Living habits

Get enough sunshine at noon time, 10-15 minutes after lunch, sitting in the sun, back to the sun. 

Slow walk, no tight leggings, no pony tails. 

Look at more green plants to rest your eyes. 

Close your eyes for a couple of minutes, decrease the time spent on using cell phones, computers, or any electronic devices. 

Ideally bedtime: 10 pm to 6 am. Ensure good deep sleep from 11 pm to 3 am as that 4 hours is the time for the gallbladder and liver meridians.

Physical exercise 


Massage the chest bone, 5 min/time after waking up.

Push the stomach meridian from leg down to feet and hit the gallbladder meridian from feet up to waist. x100/day after massaging the chest bone.

Open chest exercise, 5 breath/set, 10 sets/ time (about 5 minutes)

Stretching the lateral body, x25/time (about 3 minutes)


Open chest exercise, 5 breath/set, 10 sets/ time (about 5 minutes)

Stretching the lateral body, x25/time (about 3 minutes)


Massage foot acupuncture points about 10 minutes/day. 

Massage the chest bone, 5 min/time before sleep.

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