Essential Oil being poured on woman's back

Essential Oils

The best and most effective way to enjoy aromatherapy is application through massage:

Apply massage compound massage oil to the skin and massage, absorb through the pores, according to the research report: aroma molecules can easily penetrate the dermis and reach the cells in only 3 minutes of massage The tissue, along with the blood circulation, then promotes cell metabolism to provide various basic metabolic needs needed by the human body and achieve health care functions. 

Well-Being unique professional compound body massage oil can produce double effect, choose appropriate products, enjoy with body, experience with mind, relax yourself, enter the field of aromatherapy! 

1. Cellulite Reduction This bottle can be used for body detoxification, exfoliating dead skin, can help blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, weight loss and cellulite, stomach and bowel digestion, help gastrointestinal digestion, improve constipation, liver and gallbladder, pain relief effect. Not bad, especially sprains, sports injuries, one of the essential oils contains natural estrogen, can adjust the body's endocrine system, suitable for men and women.

2. Sleep Restfully This bottle of compound massage essential oil, the main functional curative effect: can achieve very good relaxation effect, very good help for anxiety, sleep aid, help cell repair and regeneration, anti-wrinkle, can also improve body pain, Stiff shoulders and necks have a soothing and analgesic effect, the smell is very fragrant and comfortable 😌 It is helpful for patients with depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol patients, long-term use can increase the body's immunity, the whole body, both men and women, suitable for rubbing during the day It is not suitable for sunbathing on the face and after use. It does not matter if there is clothing protection on the body. The two products are all 100% natural plant ingredients, health products 

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